Gribs Agencies Limited is your strategic investment partner. Our mission is to create wealth through selling prime serviced land for investment purposes, farming and development. Gribs Agencies limited is a team of highly qualified professionals in diverse fields who have pooled together to offer the best version of real estate in the region.
We offer free transport to the site from our office on Mombasa road, Vision Plaza. Our site visits are on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am.
We are located along Mombasa Road, Vision Plaza, 4th Floor, Door Number 3F.
We extend the payments period up to 6 months.
Our plots are subdivided into standard 1/8ths that’s (50 * 100).
Our plots are fully serviced with beacons, water & Electricity, fenced and murram roads
When you’re paying for your deposit, you get an official receipt from Gribs Agencies Limited, a copy of the title deed for your plot, and sale agreement for your execution.
Yes they can. You can select your preferred plot then we shall book it for you. We then give you our company account details where you can wire the payment. You then give us your details as you would like the title to appear when transferred to you. We process the titles within 6 months after payment is done. When the title is ready, you can either write to us instructing us to issue the title deed to your family member or your lawyer or alternatively we ship/mail it to you.
Yes. We have a competent legal team that makes sure due diligence is followed. We provide copies of the title deeds for clients to do searches.
Here are our details: Location: Vision Plaza, 4th Floor, 3 F Mombasa Road, Nairobi City Tel: 0721472578 / 0711921511. Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 2pm and Sunday & Public Holidays on schedule. Our email address is