Client’s Feedback

Founded on the principle of integrity, the company has gained credibility by transforming the fortunes of many as it continuously improves to meet the ever changing client needs. Its able team of dedicated and highly qualified, flexible staff enhance the company’s dependability and performance, hence strength. Here is what our clients say about us:

Our Values

Client experience is at the center of what we do st Gribs.This is what we believe in as a company, that has enabled us be the leading real estate firm in Kenya.

Our Blog

We are indeed your reliable partner in property ownership.Here are a few property tips from our real estate blog.

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Located in the Southern side of

Nairobi is Syokimau, a satellite

town which is both residential..

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When deciding to buy property,

there several options for you

consider from.One of the...

Myths about real estate in Kenya

There is a lot of misleading and

incorrect information that we read

and hear about Real Estate...

Our Partners

Partnerships in real estate are key to success and we fully understand that, here are the amazing partners we get to work with